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Health, Energy, and Mindset Coach

Debera is a #1 international bestselling co-author and a multifaceted guest speaker that has appeared in numerous podcasts wherein she shared a different perspective on the world of alternative health. For more than 30 years, she is passionate about helping people achieve better mental attitudes through the use of Energy & Mindset work, which will reflect on their physical health and assist them to begin living their best lives. Debera helps with the new ‘spiritual selling’ by developing ‘beliefs which sell.’

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what the clients are saying

These wonderful people are just a few of Debera's clients who bravely faced their obstacles and came out victorious.

"Well-trained, compassionate and deeply intuitive, Debera is one of the best healers I've worked with. Using a variety of somatic and healing methods she guided me towards relief from traumatic wounds, old emotional patterns and rigid beliefs. Debera also provided relief from concussion injuries, and my brain is now functioning much better. She's extraordinary!"

— Lisa Wade

"Remember the work I did with you to release all that trauma? I was carrying around anger, rage and grief for years.
Well, after our work together I no longer had asthma!!

I did not know before how the emotional affects the physical in such a very real way!"

Juanita Mangan - Van Ham

"I spent 7 weeks with Debera and in that time we found the source of the trauma from 30 years ago that had adversely affected my life in many ways. I now can manage anxiety, I am way more productive and already made more sales in 2020 than all of 2019. She's great, and the investment more than paid for itself in productive behavior that led to more career success."

— David Henry

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